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Model 1010 Precision Gas Diluter
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The Model 1010 Gas Diluter and Calibrator from Custom Sensor Solutions can deliver precise gas concentrations for your calibration and experimental needs.

Lower Costs. You KNOW the cost of standard cal gases. Replace several cylinders of standard gas at several concentrations with one cylinder at a single concentration.

Still Lower Costs. Buy one bottle of cal gas at 5 times the needed concentration, dilute it 5-fold with the Model 1010, and get up to five times the life from one bottle.

Make Exact Concentrations. Your cal gas suppliers cannot make your standard to exactly 100 ppm. They can only make 116.5, or 108.3, or 112.0 ppm. Well, now it doesn?t matter. Just calculate a dilution factor, set the front panel dial of the Model 1010, and draw exactly 100 ppm into your experiment. (Or with the turn of the dial, 25 or 50 ppm, anytime you want.)

Control the Model 1010 Remotely. If you wish, the Model 1010 can be controlled by an external 0-5 volt signal from a data acquisition/control system. Build it into your automated test or calibration system.

The Model 1010 is a small, easy-to-use instrument that replaces expensive, fragile, and unstable rotameters and flowmeters for diluting and mixing gases. The Model 1010 contains an electronically-controlled valve that draws alternately from sources of concentrated and diluent gases, and mixes them in a small chamber. Outlet concentrations will remain stable for hours, days, or even weeks, without constant adjusting. Check out the List of Specifications.

A Typical Application:

The Problem:  I have a belt-worn, personal detection device for carbon monoxide that must be calibrated weekly at 0, 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 ppm. The detector is a passive alarm with no internal pump, and came supplied with a calibration hood. I also have a cylinder of cal gas at 1000 ppm.

The Solution:  At calibration time, I select a Model 1010-P. It has an internal pump to supply diluted gas to the calibration hood. I draw five liters of standard CO at 1000 ppm into a sample bag and connect it to the GAS IN connector of the Model 1010. I connect GAS OUT to the calibration hood.

I first set the detector baseline by operating it with the Model 1010 power off or with the dial set to 0. Next, I supply 50 ppm by setting the dial to 5.0% (50 ppm/1000 ppm x 100%) and turning on the power to the Model 1010. The reassuring click of the valve confirms that the Model 1010 is working. After achieving a stable signal, I recheck the zero by turning the Model 1010 power off. While the detector is recovering, I adjust the dial to 10.0% in preparation for the next cal point. The entire calibration procedure takes 15 minutes.

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Warranty Information

The Custom Sensor Solutions, Inc., Model 1010 Gas Diluter is warranteed to be free from defects in manufacture for a period of 12 months from purchase. Due to the wide variety of possible uses for this instrument, it cannot be warranteed as fit for any particular purpose.

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