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Model 1402 Static Potentiostat
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The Model 1402 Static Potentiostat was designed specifically as a low-cost circuit for use with commercial electrochemical gas sensors. It can, however, be used for many other applications, with or without modification. The circuit is a standard, grounded-working electrode design. For information on the operation of a potentiostat, click here

The Model 1401 Power Supply is intended for use with up to 8 Model 1402 circuits. It provides +5V and -5V at 20 mA and operates from a wall transformer. There is also space for installing parts to make a higher-current +5V supply for other uses. (See right side of above diagram.)


    *          Switch-selected current ranges:
                    1 microamp per volt; 10 uA/V; 100 uA/V; u1000 A/V (approx. 1 nA to 3 mA)
    *          OEM part for manufacture or research lab use. Also available in enclosure (as Model 1420).
    *          Screw-adjustable gain, offset, and applied bias
    *          Built-in low-pass noise filter with cutoff about 1 Hz. (Can be disabled.)
    *          Output available in inverted and noninverted orientation.
    *          Modifiable for special uses, such as externally-controlled bias or higher voltages.
    *          Socketed op amps allow use of premium parts for lower noise or higher voltage operation.
    *          Also available in small, surface mount version. (Inquire)


    *          Standard porous-electrode electochemical gas sensors.
    *          A versatile building block for sensor test systems.
    *          Constant-voltage source.
    *          Constant-current source with adjustable ranges, not ground-referenced.
    *          Resistance-based sensors requiring careful control of excitation current
                    (e.g., conductive polymer, composite polymer).
    *          Voltammetric potentiometer (with function generator and slight modification).


A bank of 10 Model 1402 Potentiostats used for research on developing improved sensor membranes. The customer mounted these boards simply, using spacers, leaving all adjustments and connections available to the experimenter. The circuits are controlling the six test jigs in the foreground (4 together and 2 separate, in front).
The Model 1420 consists of a 1402 potentiostat and 1401 power supply, enclosed conveniently in an attractive ABS box, with terminals brought to the front and rear panels. Suitable for student use, or situations where esthetic considerations are foremost.