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Model 1403 Current Converter Accessory

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The Model 1403 Current Converter board is an accessory intended for use with the Model 1402 Potentiostat board and the Model 1401 Power Supply board. It converts the potentiostat to a constant current resistance-measuring circuit by taking advantage of the potentiostatís current servoing capability.

The combined 1402 and 1403 boards can be used for sensors that operate best in constant-current mode. Conductance is conveniently translated into a voltage output. The parameters of the circuit are adjustable using order-of-magnitude switches and fine adjustments.   

The accessory mounts on top of the Model 1402 Static Potentiostat and connects with a couple of short cables. A complete manual is included.


Model 1403
Model 1403 mounted on model 1402 potentiostat and 1401 power supply.